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Multimanus Assemblage 217.50

A piece for four hands: how much can be created together. You just have to tune in and catch the rhythm, and while it's not easy part, it's undoubtedly a fascinating encounter.


The necklace is constructed of variously shaped natural white pearls, has a dedicated clasp and decorative elements in the shape of four hands, made of sterling silver. The string of pearls is made using the traditional technique of hand knotting. Small knots have been made between the pearls: thanks to this, the necklace fits beautifully around the neck, the pearls are protected from mutual damage and in case of a break in the string – they do not scatter. The product comes in the only unique copy. Length of the strand: 42 cm.

  • Product made only in one copy. The purchase concerns the product shown in the pictures
  • Product out of stock
  • Made in Poland
Multimanus Assemblage 217.50