The project Malleable is a result of our cooperation with Ada Sokół, an artist and 3D visualisation designer. As a jewellery form – a specific object of desire – it exists in parallel in the virtual and material world.

The key to its creation was the concept of liquidity of the ever insisting reality in which each factor that co-creates it, including us as the subjects, undergoes ongoing transformations and adaptation processes – in other words, it is becoming more and more malleable.

The matter also changes its status – the malleability being its property, which is well known to jewellers is represented in intricate algorithms.

Increasingly sophisticated sensuality and even tangibleness of the virtual world is an intensified and multiplied reflection of the sensual experience of the realness. You can penetrate the macrocosm with an unaided eye, see the complexity and intricacy of forms in every detail, in the highest resolution.

The borders are getting blurred, everything is becoming connected, just like compatible modules of a chain or a sophisticated form of a monogram.



Melancholia × Ada Sokół