About us

Melancholia is an author’s jewelry brand founded in 2014 in Poland, run by designer and visual artist Daria Malicka. Also from the beginning, the brand has been working with The graphic designer Maciej Wodniak and fashion stylist Paweł Kędzierski. The brand’s The brand’s design is a manifestation of imagination, creative freedom and the fascination of sensual experience.

Jewelry inspired by ancient philosophy, art, alchemy and symbolism redefines the past through contemporary, bold forms. The brand’s designs are an eclectic synthesis of historical motifs and contemporary aesthetic. Each collection is a story enchanted in small objects about how we can read the old texts of culture in the current reality.

Melancholia is a brand recognized around the world: it cooperates with the Not Just A Label platform associating the most interesting fashion brands from around the world, it is also  included in the Premium selection of the Zalando online multibrand. The brand’s jewelery id featuring in the editorials of top fashion magazines. Brand cooperates also with selected local conceptstors.

The brand’s jewelry is made of the highest quality sterling silver alloys, and a durable galvanic coating of 24-carat gold. Jewelry designs are created using 3D modeling and printing technologies, while the final effect of the products is a result of handcrafted work by local jewellers. The brand focuses on sustainable, ethical production located in the north of Poland. Unique designs are made both manually and using advanced technologies.