About us

Melancholia.co is a jewelry concept brand established in 2014 by the Polish designers, Daria Malicka and Maciej Wodniak. It is also a wider project by the authors circling around the problem of transforming thoughts into things.

The designers reinterpret traditional jewelry forms, using modern technologies and tools such as 3D modeling and printing, or vacuum casting. The locally produced items are made to order in short or limited series. They are made of high-quality sterling silver and each of them is hand finished. The concept behind the brand is rooted in mythical and symbolic thinking. It draws inspiration from philosophy, literature and rich iconography, associated with the figure of Melancholy — an adamant companion of all creators and thinkers. This makes the jewelry by this brand a timeless text of material culture, testifying to our presence, and a future artifact of public museums and private collections.