Jewelry involves ambivalent configurations of artificial and natural, male and female, subjective and objective

Pearls – each one of a kind
Diversity: is there anything more beautiful in nature? Jewelry with natural pearls in astonishing forms is an expression of admiration for the creative power of nature
The Gynoides Collection
Bionic organisms, made with precision, are sometimes perceived as extremely beautiful objects–fetishes or curiosities–peculiar objects of desire. The Gynoides collection tells the story of mechanical, intricate and mysterious bodies, capable of thinking and feeling
Space Sadness Campaign
The latest campaign evokes an echo of futurological heroines: artificial replicants with a deceptively human appearance, but also hidden sensitivity, dreams and empathy
Production: Edyta Iljaszewicz & Mateusz Bzówka / Bulletproof Warsaw, photo: Krystian Lipiec / Bulletproof Warsaw, photographer assistant: Szymon Fit / Studio Zachód, model: Rosi Sławińska / Model Plus, stylist: Paweł Kędzierski / Van Dorsen Artists, make up: Sonia Kieryluk, hair: Delfina Tlałka, manicure: Ola Cieślowska, postproduction: Anita Olbryś, location: Studio Zachód
The Pompeii Collection: the Beauty of Decadence
The reminiscence of an ancient city nestled in the shadow of volcano. Its eruption preserved the splendor of the Pompeii for centuries under a layer of ash. Today, living in the era of decline, we can still admire the eternal beauty of acanthus leaves.
Helix Earcuff in the GQ Portugal editorial. Photo: Krystian Lipiec, stylist & art direction: Marcin Brylski / Bulletproof Warsaw, Models: Przemek Szubert, Damian Gałkowski / Uncover Models, hair: Tomek Mickiewicz, MUA: Ewelina Klećkowska, production: Edyta Iljaszewicz, Mateusz Bzówka / Bulletproof Warsaw, movement: Michał Gerlach / Visual Crafters, lightning: Kuba Krysiak, video: Szymon Gosławski, postproduction & photographer assistant: Anita Olbryś, stylist assistant: Kuba Czarnotta, Ania Dębicka, location: Studio Las.



MELANCHOLIA: brand concept

Melancholy is also the state of regression—a return to the beginning of thought, deconstructing crystalized concepts. It’s like nigredo—the last stage of alchemical struggles, during which substance is reduced to its original

and amorphous state that contains yet unrealized potential. Such melting is a condition for the formation of successive forms in nature, which are in fact a reconfiguration of those that existed before.