Creating jewelry is a reconfiguration of fragments of the world that have broken down into basic elements. It’s a process in which time slows down.


Making jewelry involves working with tiny particles of matter; watching the world on a micro scale, focusing attention on small things, which are easy to overlook.

This project is about fluid and malleable materiality that takes various shapes both in the physical and virtual world. It can take the shape of a complex monogram or links in a chain…
Onyx Signet ring

Signet rings refer to traditional jewelry forms, they are your hallmark and symbol of initiation

MJ Harper on the cover of Another Magazine autumn/winter 2020

Small things are easy to collect–they take up little space, do not weigh much, you can take them anywhere with you. The peculiarity of jewelry–this „minor art”–is that it compresses many meanings and economical value in small particle of matter.


Melancholy is also the state of regression—a return to the beginning of thought, deconstructing crystalized concepts. It’s like nigredo—the last stage of alchemical struggles, during which substance is reduced to its original

and amorphous state that contains yet unrealized potential. Such melting is a condition for the formation of successive forms in nature, which are in fact a reconfiguration of those that existed before.