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Concha Assemblage II 212.50

Concha Assemblage is a limited series of unique necklaces which is a part of the Minerva collection. These are compositions created from multi-shaped, natural pearls co-creating the collector's object – the embodiment of the apotheosis of diversity, which is one of the Nature's primary laws.


Necklace made of various natural, dark pearls with peacock shade, with elements made of sterling silver: a dedicated clasp and pendant with a portrait of the ancient goddess Minerva. The string of pearls was manually knotted: each pearl is protected by a knot, so the string does not fall apart if it is broken. This is a traditional method of making pearl necklaces. Strands length: 42 cm.

  • Limited edition: the product was made only in one unique copy
  • Made in Poland
  • Delivery time: one to two working days.
Concha Assemblage II 212.50
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