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Concha Assemblage IV

Concha Assemblage is a limited series of unique necklaces which is a part of the Minerva collection. These are compositions created from multi-shaped, natural pearls co-creating the collector's object – the embodiment of the apotheosis of diversity, which is one of the Nature's primary laws.


Necklace made of various natural, white pearls, with elements made of sterling silver: a dedicated clasp and pendant with a portrait of the ancient goddess Minerva. The string of pearls was manually knotted: each pearl is protected by a knot, so the string does not fall apart if it is broken. This is a traditional method of making pearl necklaces. Strands length: 42 cm.

  • Limited edition: the product was made only in one unique copy
  • Made in Poland
  • Delivery time: one to two working days.
Concha Assemblage IV