Stella Polaris Ring

Stella Polaris Ring
110.00 EUR

Stella Polaris (North Star) – an ancient astronavigation tool, a compass that for thousands of years helped sailors and wanderers to find the right way. It might have been this star that guided travelers along the Amber Trail, that lead from the Adriatic Sea across Silesia to the Baltic Sea. Till now this trading route is marked by amber treasures searched for by archeologists.


Ring made of sterling silver and natural amber. Screw frame allows for exchange of different amber slabs and thereby customization of the product.  We use natural amber, therefore no two slabs are exactly the same. Setting diameter – 2,4 cm 


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jewellery ordered on demand

Choose the slab in the photo and enter its number in the comment box when placing your order

Made in Poland 

delivery time – approximately 20 working days 


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obw. 53 mm


obw. 56 mm


obw. 60 mm


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